Adult Adoptees On TV News Shows: Flip The Script

The social media movement during National Adoption Month (November) to “flip the script” is the brainchild of insightful women at The Lost Daughters. The purpose of the twitter hashtag #flipthescript is to include the voices of adoptees in National Adoption Month, which for far too long has been dominated by adoptive parents and adoption agencies. The hashtag broadens the understanding of adoption, by adding the valuable insights of adoptees.

Rosita Gonzalez created this important #flipthescript movement. It’s gained a lot of traction on Twitter, as well as the attention of news outlets. Listen to the recording of Rosita’s #flipthescript radio interview with Adoption Perspectives radio show on YouTube here.

This morning, Aselefech Evans was interviewed on Good Morning, DC, a news show of FoxTV channel WTTG. You can watch the clip of her excellent interview here.


Aselefech Evans on the set of Fox TV Channel WTTG’s Good Morning DC.


On Friday, November 28, you can see 3 more amazing people talking about why it matters to #flipthescript:

Minneapolis: Kevin Haebeom Vollmers‘ interview will air on KMSP-TV Fox 9 at Friday 11/28 at 7:45AM.

Philadelphia: Amanda Transue-Woolston‘s interview will air on Fox 29 WTXF-TV at Friday 11/28 at 8:15AM.

New York: Joy Lieberthal Rho‘s interview will air on Fox Good Day NY on Friday 11/28 at 8:40AM.

Happy Thanksgiving!


A New Writer at Gazillion Voices

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be a contributing writer to Gazillion Voices, the first and only adoptee-led, adoptee-centric on-line magazine.

The mission of the magazine is to “create a platform for adoptees and their allies to bring topics important to the adoption community to life through rich, compelling, and thought-provoking content that will be accessible to the broader community and will ultimately reframe and reshape the conversation about adoption.”

As an adoptive parent, I don’t take lightly the realities of adoption. I have written a lot about adoption here on my blog, and my views have evolved quite a bit over the last 20+ years. I look forward to writing about my perspective as a contributor to Gazillion Voices. You can (and should!) follow the magazine on Facebook.

I have known Land of Gazilllion Adoptees founder Kevin Haebeom Vollmers since we worked together at CHSFS-East in Maryland in 2006. We both stopped working professionally in adoption around that time, and we’ve both thought at great length about what adoption means to us. We don’t always agree, and we are good friends.


I admire the work that Kevin and others have done at Gazillion Voices. Full disclosure: my daughter Aselefech is a columnist for Gazillion Voices. I am biased, I know, but Aselefech is an insightful, talented writer. She and I don’t always agree either lol, but we are both open to hard, challenging conversations.

And that’s what I admire and enjoy about Gazillion Voices: provocative, insightful, and real voices and ideas. On my blog, I’ve written my own views about adoption, and have used my position as an adoptive parent (we have held the microphone in adoption for far too long) to urge others to listen to adopted adults and first/birth/original parents. I look forward to contributing to GV, and to furthering the mission of Gazillion Voices to reshape and reframe the conversation about adoption.

I’m looking forward to the adventure.