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A new and much-needed book for the adoption community.


Editors: Aselefech Evans, Kassaye Berhanu-MacDonald, and Maureen McCauley

The book is currently available through Amazon, in print and on Kindle.

We envision that adoptees (Ethiopian and other), prospective adoptive parents, current adoptive parents, first parents, grandparents, adoption agency staff, social workers, policy makers, teachers and other child welfare professionals will want to read and learn from this book. We believe that Ethiopians in Ethiopia and around the world will want to read it, as well as the global family connected with adoption. Lions Roaring will be a book for anyone interested in the essential stories of love, loss, journeys, and family.

We have 32 essays (plus a few poems) in the anthology. Writers range in age from 8 to over 50, and are from the US, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, and Australia.

We are thrilled at the response to our anthology. It has been a labor of love. Many thanks for all the support, patience, and encouragement!


I am honored to be co-facilitating this workshop for seasoned adoptive parents with Astrid Castro of Adoption Mosaic. We finished up our second session in May 2022. We had our first meeting last November-December 2021 and it was wonderful: a great group of adoptive parents, some the parents of same race adoptees, of international adoptees, of adoptees from foster care. We “seasoned parents” (whose children are now adults) have lots to talk about. Be sure to check out all of Adoption Mosaic’s substantive and valuable programs.

WEBINAR on “Adoption and Suicide Prevention: Adult Adoptees Speak Out”

On October 26, 2021, United Suicide Survivors International hosted a webinar on adoption and suicide. I was honored to facilitate the conversation which included four wonderful people, all adult adoptees who have experienced suicidal ideation and shared their powerful stories.

Here is the link to the webinar:

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