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This is day 14 of National Adoption Awareness Month, so this is my daily post to amplify the voices of adoptees.

Adoptees Connect is an adoptee-led way for adult adoptees to connect. From their Facebook page: “This group is designed to be a safe space for adoptees to gather and share their experiences regarding their individual adoption journeys. We believe that being adopted can come with its own set of complexities that only another adoptee can truly understand. Through Adoptees Connect Groups, adult adoptees are able to empower one another through  encouragement, community,  as well as a concrete place to find their voices as they navigate their adoptee journeys together. 

Through our collective efforts, we strive to bring hope & healing to as many adoptees as possible by building lifelong connections between those who understand. Our goal is to let every adoptee know that they aren’t alone and the way they feel is very normal amidst a not-so-normal situation.”

The founder of Adoptees Connect is Pamela Karanova, an adoptee from Kentucky. Her vision in creating this organization was “to build person-to-person communities that provide validating spaces for Adult Adoptees. At Adoptees Connect, we focus on putting adoptee voices first by creating a safe and valuable adoptee-centric space, created by and for adoptees, where their voices can meet and be heard. In January 2018, the first connect groups were planted in Lexington, KY.

The groups stray away from the traditional support group model by placing a larger emphasis on building strong, healthy relationships with other adoptees. In just two short years, 45 connect groups have been planted in 42 cities and 27 states. It’s the hope of Adoptees Connect, Inc. to plant a group in every city, in every state in the country. This way, anywhere an adoptee might go, they will always have a community to fall back on. Our groups are designed to take online relationships offline, and to get to know the person behind the profile.”

Obviously the pandemic has caused changes in the ability for folx to gather in person. Here’s hoping that everyone stays healthy, and can get together via Zoom if not on person.

More information, including Pam’s blog posts, is available on Adoptee Connect’s Facebook page.

Visit for details!

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