The Inspiring Power of the Adoptee Diaspora

I wrote a few days ago about the Wrenching Complexity of Money in Ethiopian Adoptions, barely scratching the surface of the issues. I mentioned adoptive parents’ charitable projects and programs in Ethiopia, projects that likely wouldn’t have been established were it not for adoption.

As I was working on Part 2 of the Wrenching Complexity, my Facebook feed delivered a gift to me:  the powerful story of Noah, an 11-year-old Ethiopian adoptee who has found a purpose in and to his life, and is giving back not only to Ethiopia, but to other countries as well. Like many adoptees, Noah has endured challenges of grief, loss, and survivors’ guilt. Like my daughters, he arrived in the US at the age of 6, with memories and life experiences.

By chance (maybe) a few years ago, an older (17) Ethiopian adoptee crossed paths with Noah. Solomon had returned to his village in Ethiopia, and witnessed the struggles to obtain clean drinking water. Solomon created a fundraising campaign to build a well, and that work is what drew Noah in. Noah has since done his own creative fundraising, and successfully engaged others to join him.

Here’s an excerpt from his adoptive mother’s blog:

“For me, his mom, well, I tear up because after weeks and months of my heart aching for his grief it is so very clear he has found  his purpose. I have said time and time again he is on loan to us from Ethiopia. He’s going to go back. He’s going to dig wells, find medication, and save lives because that is his purpose. He has told me as much. Finding a purpose. Sharing his heart. His compassion. That is the way he has conquered the demons that tried so very hard to conquer him.

Charity:water saves lives. This is proven. I don’t think, however, charity:water knows the impact they have had on Noah. I don’t think they truly understand that they saved my little boy’s life as well.”

While I believe international adoption is in great need of reform, I also believe very much in the power of individuals to change the world. My heart embraces Noah and Solomon, adoptees in the diaspora who are creating huge, life-saving, positive change.

Please read the entire, wonderful post “Purpose” by clicking here.

You can learn more about Charity:water here.


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