Adoptee Influencer Network: NAAM

This is for day 26 of National Adoption Awareness Month, so this is my daily post to amplify the voices of adoptees, posted on day 27.

According to their Facebook page, Adoptee Influencer Network (AIN) exists “to EMPOWER adoptee influencers to hone their skills, know their worth and create excellent content; SUSTAIN adoptee influencers through facilitating equitable compensation for their work; and SATURATE the adoption space with adoptee centered content.”

That all sounds good to me.

Adoptee-founded and adoptee-centric, AIN “is a creative group of adoptees who amplify one another’s voices. We are artists, creatives, and professionals in a variety of fields. 

WE DO NOT ALL AGREE, but we know the world is wide enough for all of our perspectives. You don’t have to create content on adoption to join.”

The AIN Facebook page is full of events, books, and articles, by and about adoptees. They are actively welcoming adoptees to share their creative enterprises. On the AIN website, you can sign up for their newsletter, look at the most popular posts, and even shop for adoptee-related merchandise.

Adoptees empowering adoptees, and amplifying adoptee-centered content: that is a great focus for National Adoption Awareness Month.

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