AdopteesOn Podcast: NAAM

This is Day 2 of National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM), and so this is my daily post to amplify the voices of adoptees.

AdopteesOn is a rich, challenging, informative, valuable podcast. It is “the podcast where adoptees discuss the adoption experience,” and where the rest of us (including adoptive parents like me) get to listen, absorb, and learn. AdopteesOn is adoptee-led, by Haley Radke. It is adoptee-centric, featuring thoughtful conversations with a range of adult adoptees. Haley has covered subjects like addiction, loyalty, estrangement, search and reunion, mental health, relationships (parents, stepparents, spouses, siblings), loss, identity, late discovery, and more. Haley interviews her adoptee guests in a compassionate and insightful way. I know some of the interviewees in “real life,” and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know others and their stories through listening.

Haley also includes Show Notes for the episodes that give an overview of the podcast, and she provides additional Resources related to each podcast. All of this is astonishingly helpful and thorough. Perhaps most importantly, AdopteesOn creates a community for adoptees.

AdopteesOn celebrated its fifth year of existence this summer. May it continue for many more! It is well worth your Patreon support. Certainly you should take a look at the comprehensive list of subjects, and listen to the variety and depth of adoption experiences as voiced by adoptees.

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