IAG Officials Sentenced

The three defendants from International Adoption Guides were sentenced yesterday, : Mary Mooney got 18 months in prison. James Harding got 12 months in prison. Alisa Bivens got probation. All had pled guilty to the charges of fraud, bribery, and corruption brought against them by the US Justice department; the crimes all involved Ethiopian adoptions. Many families, in the US and in Ethiopia, were harmed by IAG.

Correction/Update: The charge also involved adoptions from Kazakhstan. Mary Mooney was sentenced for accreditation fraud for Kazakhstan. Harding and Bivens were sentenced of conspiring to defraud the United States in connection with Ethiopian adoptions.

In addition, the three defendants have been ordered to pay restitution. Mooney was ordered to pay $223,946.04 to victims who adopted from Kazakhstan. Harding was ordered to pay $301,224.25, and Bivens $31,800.00, presumably to victims of the Ethiopian fraud. The court will be contacting the victims individually with the restitution calculations.

I do not know if any Ethiopian parents are included as victims.

It is unclear when Mooney and Harding will begin their prison terms.

Here is the press release from the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the sentencing: “Founder, CEO, and Employee of International Adoption Guides (IAG) Sentenced For Adoption Fraud Schemes.”

7 thoughts on “IAG Officials Sentenced

  1. Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone about this. My unofficial daughter (by her choice) believes she is one of these kids. Everyone who signed her documents has been arrested.

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  4. The Sentence was very light until my Daughter sees her family which are all alive and well not as IAG papers claimed father diseased and mother disabled will there be any closure. Jane and Haile are still free?. Still no Justice!

  5. Ejem Jim Harding Washington running World Partners he scammed me out of 6000.00 al ℹ got was a notebook. Should hace beben 12 Heard. He was involved in Other Child trafico.

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