July 25: Update on the Williamses’ Trial

Carri Williams on her way to the courthouse with her attorneys July 25, 2013

Carri Williams on her way to the courthouse with her attorneys July 25, 2013

Jury selection was completed this afternoon, and the jury has been sworn in for the Larry and Carri Williams’ trial. The fact that 3 1/2 days were used for the jury selection tells us how serious the process is. Superior Court Judge Susan Cook spent several minutes instructing the jury on their obligations now not to talk about the case with anyone, not to look at any social media or newspapers that might have articles about the case, or read any information source regarding the case.

The jury has now been dismissed until 1pm Friday July 26, when the opening statement by the prosecution and defense will take place.

This afternoon was taken up with motions by the prosecution and defense attorneys regarding what information will be admissible during the trial. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of motions that have been considered so far. Additional motions will be considered Friday morning.

By the way, anyone who wants to look at the motions and other documents that have been filed in regard to this case can do so at the Court Clerk’s office of the Superior Court House. The information is available for a fee. Sometimes the documents have been redacted, meaning that information has been blacked out.

I feel certain that there will be a fair amount of media as well as many other spectators at tomorrow’s opening statement. My suggestion would be, for anyone who plans to attend, to arrive early (before 1pm) if you can.

The address for Skagit County Superior Court House is 201 West Kincaid St., Mount Vernon, WA. From I– 5, take exit 226 for Kincaid Street. The drive is about 55 miles from north Seattle. The good news is that, driving north from Seattle, you will be going against traffic.

To sum up: Tomorrow morning will be continuing motions before the judge by the prosecution and defense attorneys. Opening statements by the attorneys will begin at 1pm in Courtroom number two. Testimony for the trial will begin on Monday morning (July 29), and is expected to continue for 4 to 6 weeks.

I will be there tomorrow for the opening statements. I plan to write more this weekend about the various motions, and about the jury selection process. It’s been fascinating, detailed, and messy: let’s hope it results in justice for Hana.

7 thoughts on “July 25: Update on the Williamses’ Trial

  1. I want to thank you for your selfless giving of your heart and time. God sent beautiful gifts to this world to be loved not abused. I was raised by the rod but nothing could make me do that to my son. Live and learn with gods love

  2. Thank you for being there for Hana ! I am so grateful you are there and will blog about it all. I pray too that at the end of this long trial that justice is done quickly. No one deserves to be hit period. No one deserves to be treated so cruelly as Hana was. No matter what you THINK you are doing is ‘for the best’ or ‘God’s will’ you simply do NOT hit anyone. You don’t starve them and leave them out in the cold! |

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  4. Thank you for your blog-I was in the jury pool until yesterday. I was very affected by what I heard in the courtroom during the 4 days of jury selection and went home and read as much as I could…. I plan to follow your blog during the trial to get your point of view. I very much want justice for this beautiful little girl. I am so sad and it’s been really hard to relax. I did not wish to be on the jury, but I would have served if selected, and done my absolute best. I’m praying that the 15 jurors feel the same.

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  6. Thank you for blogging about this. I live in Mount Vernon and my daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. We have opted not to attend but I appreciate hearing how things are going. Such a sad case.

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