Adoptive Parents: Lessons Learned

Only about a month remains for the submission of essays for the anthology Lessons Learned: Adoptive Parents Speak Out About Adoption.

We’ve had some great essays submitted so far. We welcome more, especially from adoptive dads, adoptive parents of color, LGBT adoptive parents. All adoptive parents can submit an essay, with the caveat that their children must be over 18 and must have given their permission about the essay.

Those restrictions were deliberate on my part, as well as that of the publisher CQT Media and Publishing, and partner Land of Gazillion Adoptees. CQT and LGA brought us the amazing, insightful, and ground-breaking Parenting As Adoptees.

Folks who’ve parented a child (from birth or later) through adolescence and into young adulthood have a different perspective and experience than those with young children. We wanted that longer-term view for this book. We want it to be thoughtful, challenging, intentional, and real. Lessons Learned will be published later this year. Please help spread the word, and send those essays in!

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