Court Affirms Conviction of Larry and Carri Williams

A Washington state appellate court has affirmed the convictions of Larry and Carri Williams in the homicide of Hana (Alemu) Williams. Both Larry and Carri had appealed their convictions, but the appellate court judges said there is no reason to change the decision made by the Skagit County jury in October 2013: the Williamses will remain in jail.

More information is available here: “Court affirms convictions of WIlliamses in adopted daughter’s death.”

May Hana rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “Court Affirms Conviction of Larry and Carri Williams

  1. Thanks for posting. When the temperature falls to 41 degrees and it rains, I often think of Hana and what she had to endure, the poor girl. I hope Immanuel is doing okay. I hope the new parents of the biological Williams children have a better sense of right and wrong than the parents.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I am so thankful these two cruel, callous people will stay in prison and away from children. None of this will bring Hanna back, but at least there is some justice.

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