Guilty Plea by IAG’s Mary Mooney Will Stand: Sentencing Within Two Months

Mary Mooney, the former executive director of International Adoption Guides (IAG), was among four IAG employees indicted by the US Justice Department in 2014 for fraud and corruption involving adoptions from Ethiopia. She entered a plea of guilty, and then this past spring requested to change the plea to innocent.

The judge has determined that there is no basis for her to change the plea from guilty to innocent, so the case now moves to sentencing. Two of the other IAG employees, James Harding (IAG program director) and Alisa Bivens Ethiopian program director in the US), will also be sentenced along with Mooney. All three had pled guilty. Sentencing will take place in the next 60-90 days.



5 thoughts on “Guilty Plea by IAG’s Mary Mooney Will Stand: Sentencing Within Two Months

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  3. Alisa Bivens is Jayne Gallagher. Jayne caused LOTS of hell in Ethiopian adoptions. She then married someone with the last name of Bivens & started using her middle name of Alisa and lost lots of weight. Jayne had, reportedly, been kicked out of Ethiopia – made her changes; waited for Embassy & Ethiopian officials to make changes & went back in as Alisa.

    • While awaiting sentencing, Alisa Bivens is currently the Youth Ministry Leader at a Presbyterian Church in Gastonia, and studying Philosophy and Religious Studies at Gardner Webb University, according to a Google search.

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