Update on Ethiopian Adoptees’ Anthology

I’m thrilled to say that we have already gotten several thoughtful essays for the upcoming anthology Lions Roaring, Far From Home, which will focus on the experiences of Ethiopian adoptees from around the world. Please take a look at the Call for Submissions.

We are about half way through the time frame of the open call for writers; the deadline is July 15. So far we have heard from, among others, an 8-year-old adoptee, a 15-year-old adoptee, an adopted adult raised in Holland, and an adopted adult raised in France. We have essays on the way from adoptees in the US and Canada, including adoptees who are in their 40’s. It’s exciting to see both the range of experiences as well as some common themes.

Please share the Call for Submissions with any and all Ethiopian adoptees. Please keep in mind that while this anthology is wonderful in itself, the funds from it will go toward the creation of a guest house in Addis as a welcoming, helpful gathering place for returning Ethiopian adoptees from around the globe.

Thank you! Amaseganallo!


Photo taken near Awassa, Ethiopia. © Maureen McCauley Evans


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