Hana Alemu’s Legacy: Her Cousin Receives Brain Tumor Surgery

The third anniversary of the death of Ethiopian adoptee Hana Alemu is May 11. Here is an amazing story of hope and beauty emerging from the tragedy of Hana’s passing.

Hana Alemu (Williams)

Hana Alemu (Williams)

David Guterson, the acclaimed novelist who lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington state, attended nearly every day of the trial of Hana Alemu’s adoptive parents, Larry and Carri Williams. The Williamses are now each serving lengthy prison sentences for Hana’s tragic death.

David is writing a book about Hana, and traveled to Ethiopia in March for research. He met Hana’s best friend and cousin there, a young woman named Haimanot. Haimanot was struggling with a brain tumor; without surgery, she would lose her vision. David arranged for Haimanot to come to the US, where she has had successful surgery at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.


What a moving and incredible story of hope and life and possibility. My appreciation and admiration to David and his family. My gratitude to the support of the Ethiopian Community Center. My best wishes to Haimanot for quick and full recovery.

Hana Alemu remains in the hearts of so many people. What a blessing to hear this good news about her beloved friend.

You can read and see more at this link to the TV news story.



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