Prayer and News Updates: Hana

D Raven Foncell, a long-time dedicated member of Hana’s Facebook group, posted this yesterday:

I’d like to ask members of this group that tomorrow (Sunday August 18) be 

” A day of prayer for Hana.”

Whatever your faith, wherever you are. Take a moment of silence for our little one. 

As I’ve said over these past two years before. We all couldn’t be there for her then. Yet we all are here for her now!

I think this is a great idea–sending out a current of positive energy as the trial is about to enter the 4th (intense, exhausting) week.

The prosecution is expected to rest this week, meaning that the defense will begin calling their witnesses. It is likely that the trial will continue into mid-September.

For information and updates, be sure to look at Hana’s page.

Gina Cole of the Skagit County Herald has been tweeting live from the court room (@Gina_SVH, #Williamstrial), and filing articles on a daily basis. Lee Stoll, a reporter with KIRO in Seattle, has also been filing news stories every day here.

I will be back in the court room later this week, to listen and write, in honor of Hana. I am saying my own prayers for hope and healing today, for struggling families, for vulnerable children, and for justice.

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