The Launching of Gazillion Voices

After much hard work, the first ever adoptee-led online magazine launched today. It is  insightful and innovative. Gazillion Voices is live! Subscribe today: it is well worth it.

The “Voices” section includes a wonderful essay by my daughter, Aselefech Evans. Other Gazillion Voices writers include talented poet-writer-actor Katie Hae Leo, Declassified Adoptee Amanda Woolston, Dr. John Raible, Harlow’s Monkey JaeRan Kim, and others. The sections include Research, Film Essays, Arts, Photo Essays, Food, Literature, Interviews, and Podcasts. Very cool.

The mission: “To create a platform for adoptees and their allies to bring topics important to the adoption community to life through rich, compelling, and thought-provoking content that will be accessible to the broader community, and will ultimately reframe and reshape the conversation about adoption.” It’s time.


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