July 16 Update on Hana Alemu

Yesterday, a meeting took place among prosecution and defense lawyers regarding the upcoming trial of Larry and Carri Williams. Defense lawyers made motions to dismiss the case and to suppress testimony and evidence; the judge turned them all down. That is good news.

This Skagit County newspaper article “Motion to Dismiss Charges in Homicide Case Denied” has additional details.

The trial of the Williamses begins Monday, July 22, at 9am, Skagit County Courthouse, Mount Vernon, WA. It will begin with the jury selection, and that could take a few days. I’ve heard folks say the trial could go on for weeks. It’s hard to know.

There will likely be a lot of news coverage. I’ll post what I learn; I will attend the trial as much as possible, sitting on the side of the prosecution. Be sure to take a look at the Facebook site for Hana as well.

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