Stuck on Family Preservation

Stuck, the currently-touring-a-city-near-you documentary, has big money and (I’d guess) good hearts/intentions behind it. The organization behind it (Both Ends Burning) decries the decline in international adoption and exists “to create a culture of adoption.”

I believe in adoption, when it is done transparently, ethically, legally, thoughtfully, after all other options have been considered and exhausted.

However, I so wish that “family preservation” had the big money, big bus, volunteers, and media outreach that “international adoption” has in this Burning movement. See what happens when I exchange those words in their Vision and Mission:

“The Both Ends Burning Campaign is uniquely positioned to be the central umbrella organization to promote a culture of *Family Preservation* and to implement policy change.”

“We are also producing a feature-length documentary film that will serve as a catalyst in educating the world about the importance of *Family Preservation*, and the current crisis it is in.”

“*Family Preservation* can serve as a champion for human potential, and as a responsible society we should be encouraging and promoting the practice of *Family Preservation.*”

So very much money and energy and publicity is going into this organization, the film, the media campaign. So many more children and  families would be helped through family preservation than through adoption.

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