What Can We Do For Deported Adoptees?

Yesterday I wrote a post titled The Shameful Reality of America’s Deportation of Adoptees. In April, I had written about The Loneliness of Deported Adoptees. It is not enough for me to write about this. I would be so grateful if you had a few minutes to help in any way. It could make a big difference for the adoptees who have been deported.

Here are some actions.

  • Share the information about the fact the United States deports international adoptees. Share it with anyone connected to adoption, as well as to those who have no connection.

  • Check whether your federal House Representative has sponsored the Equal Citizenship Act, HR 1386. If yes, thank them. If no, ask why not, and urge them to do so.

You can look up your Congressional reps here. This will give you info about your representatives.in both the House and Senate.

The bill has not yet been introduced in the U.S. Senate, as far as I know. Contact your federal Senator and ask whether they support citizenship for all international adoptees.

If you have a personal connection to adoption (adoptee, adoptive parent, birth/first parent, sibling of adoptee, grandparent of adoptee, etc.), let your House and Senate member know that.

  • Contact the National Council for Adoption and ask what actions they and their member adoption agencies are taking to help deported adoptees. They are in favor of the Adoptee Citizenship Act, and it is listed on their 2022 legislative advocacy page. If you have a personal connection to adoption (adoptee, adoptive parent, birth/first parent, sibling of adoptee, grandparent of adoptee, etc.), let them know that.
  • If you know of any lawyers who might be willing to help deported adoptees, please contact them. Feel free to let me know also, via the Contact page. I am happy to talk with them.
  • If you know any journalists or writers, or you are a writer yourself, please get the word out about the deportation of adoptees. I am happy to help with this, and can connect writers to the adoptees.
  • Please contact me if you would like to send an email or a package to a deported adoptee. The isolation and loneliness can be brutal, and a friendly word makes a big difference.
  • Please contact me if you would like to make a donation to a deported adoptee. Even a small amount can go a long way, and allows the adoptee to buy medications, toiletries, and food.

We are working on additional fundraising efforts, and would welcome any help.

Any one of these actions would be deeply appreciated. If you have other ideas, wonderful. Please let me know. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “What Can We Do For Deported Adoptees?

  1. An individual born outside the United States and residing in the United States shall automatically acquire citizenship if the individual (1) was adopted by a citizen before becoming 18 years old, (2) was physically present in the United States in the citizen parent’s custody pursuant to lawful admission before becoming 18 years old, (3) never acquired citizenship before this bill’s enactment, and (4) was lawfully residing in the United States on this bill’s enactment date.We Legal Adoptees already had both governments years ago as babies agreeing to complete legal adoption, paid in full we should receive same rights as Adoptees nowadays, who can enjoy their families, unlike us, because of a Date, we are discriminated against our age! Please close loophole, this shouldn’t even be an immigration issue, anymore, we need to return home!!!! Please, my baby daughter is growing up without her mom!!!! So are my 3 other children and husband whom I’m still married tooo, yet living completely apart from each other😞please help us come home Legally 🙏

  2. Did you contact Susan Jacobs ? ISS ? Sadly she put down Jenny. Also ISS USA did.
    Jenny just asked for a simple legal advice.

    I believe that ISS ; especially as they now get so much funding to assist adoptees; could do a little at least

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