Legal News in Williams’ Trial

A brief legal update:

The sentencing date for Larry and Carri Williams has been changed from October 8 to October 29 (at 9:30am), according to the Skagit Valley Herald.

Larry and Carri Williams were both found guilty of first degree assault against their adopted Ethiopian son Immanuel. Carri was found guilty of both homicide by abuse and of manslaughter in the death of adopted Ethiopian daughter Hana Alemu Williams. Larry Williams was found guilty of manslaughter in Hana’s death, but the jury deadlocked on the homicide by abuse charge against him.

Both could face life sentences in jail, according to an earlier Skagit Valley Herald article. The prosecutor is recommending 27 to 37 years in jail for Carri Williams, and 14 to 17 years for Larry Williams.

The Skagit County prosecutor has now dropped the homicide by abuse charge against Larry, and will likely not retry him on that charge.

Reporter Gina Cole’s Skagit Valley article, “Prosecutors drop homicide-by-abuse charge against Larry Williams,” can be found here. The article does not say why the sentencing date was changed.

Interest remains in acquiring and installing an appropriate headstone for Hana’s grave, but I have not heard of any final decisions. I know she remains in our hearts, as does Immanuel.

Marker at Hana's grave

Marker at Hana’s grave

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