Webinar on Privacy and Children’s Stories

A robust, controversial, emotional, and complicated topic: Privacy and adopted children’s stories.

How much is too much to share? Do adoptive parents have the right to share some or all of their child’s information? If yes, with whom–friends, family, strangers in the grocery store? What about sharing a child’s personal story (or behaviors, medications, history) on a blog or in a Facebook group?

My daughter Aselefech and I will be talking about this knotty topic via a live webinar Thursday July 18, noon-1pm cdt, sponsored by Children’s Home Society and Family Services. Information about the webinar is available here.

Feel free to send me any thoughts, questions, comments prior to the webinar, either here on the blog or to maureen@lightofdaystories.com.

There’s a lot to talk about…

1 thought on “Webinar on Privacy and Children’s Stories

  1. Great topic and one that should be a regular topic for all the newbies learning. One of the reasons I blog anonymously and don’t go to the level of detail that would identify who I am in any of the more personal posts – because I respect both my families right to privacy. It should go both ways.

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